Starting with Knowledge Graphs

Knowledge Graphs are a hot topic, no wonder considering how powerful they can be. However, learning how to create, develop, and use them can be a bit of a minefield. In this post we provide a high-level overview and recommend some learning resources.

Typing Description Logics Cheat Sheet

Many of the unusual symbols we use when writing Description Logics are sadly not found on the keyboard. I wrote myself a little cheat sheet to remind myself of the correct unicode or LaTeX for the common symbols and added a short description of each symbol as well. It’s very useful to print out and keep near your keyboard so you can type Description Logics quickly and painlessly.

Semantic Web for Google

Google makes extensive use of Semantic Web technologies, although they prefer the term Knowledge Graph. In this post I’ll show you how to add structured data to a Flask Blog app, with JSON-LD and Jinja2 templates to help Google understand your content, which in turn should improve SEO.

Semantic Web for Facebook

Facebook use the Semantic Web. They have an ontology called “Open Graph” that links your webpage into their social graph. This means when someone shares your webpage on Facebook, it’ll look how you’ve specified. In this post I’ll show you how to include this in a Flask blog application with a Jinja2 template.